“The combination of speed,
competitive rates and high
travel comfort for our
clients and the attractive
combination of commercial
and private flights.”


Do not let anything to limit yourself and set off to travel in
peace, without stress. Not only at destinations where it’s far
away, and the railway is lengthy, it is confirmed that growing
private aviation has its place.

Our range of services

  • Aircraft operator charter
  • Operator of cargo, commercial, ambulance and diplomatic flights
  • Aircraft maintenance for Beechjet 400A
  • Aircraft cost efficiency management
  • Aircraft purchase organizer
  • Aircraft accountancy and cash flow management
  • CAMO and aircraft technical advisory
  • Flight planning and operation cost efficiency advisor
  • Aviation IT advisor

Air taxi

Your satisfied journey is our goal

Why fly with JetBee?

  • Shorten your flight time by up to 53%

    With JetBee you can avoid waiting in airport terminals. Eliminate lengthy clearance and risk of delay of regular flight.

  • Enjoy luxury of our aircrafts

    Beyond mere transportation JetBee Aviation offers many experiences. Comfortable and representative private aircraft cabins are suitable for your business meeting or for organizing unforgettable romantic dinner directly during flight. And If you for example wish to organize a wedding in the clouds, we are prepared to provide such a flight.

  • Fly without transfers or waiting at airports

    Private aerotaxi straight flight without transfers can shorten your journey by up to 3.5 hours.

  • Choose the time of your flight

    Comfort travel built around your time schedule. With JetBee – flights are completely customized to your program so that your path and the cost of it to be effective. Eliminating unnecessary overnight stays, lengthy commuting and transportation from major international airports and the possibility of canceling the regular flight.

  • Land almost anywhere

    Smaller private aircraft can land at ten times higher than the number of airports that of large civil aircraft on regular fl ights. Through the use of smaller regional airports to ensure you much closer to landing your home or place of your business meetings.

  • Have your luggage always under your control

    With JetBee your luggage will be loaded at the time of your boarding before your eyes. Delay or loss of your luggage is therefore excluded.

  • Use environmentally friendly airplanes

    The average age of the transport aircraft on routes line is more than 25 years. Airplanes for private aviation are significantly younger and less environmentally demanding.

  • Enjoy unforgettable experience

    If you desire, we will give you unique opportunity to fly a plane on your vacation. Next to our instructors you begin your incredible vacation experience that you will never forget.