6 passengers
(seats 2+5+1)

max range

cruise speed
210 knots

year of make

oct 2014

King Air C90A

Ideal for fast and comfortable transportation for business and leisure. Lower running costs and same comfort as for jet-powered airplanes. The possibility of using even smaller regional airports much closer to the desired destination.

Take-off and landing is possible on shorter runways. We are also able to deliver your cargo on short notice

For most people, SKY is the limit,
for us at JetBee, SKY is the starting point!

  • Enclosed lavatory
  • Leather seats
  • Freon air conditioning
  • Power outlet
  • Coffee pot
  • Open bar
  • Pets allowed
  • Flight attendant on request

For more information contact:

Veronika Stůjová

Sales Manager

Most asked questions

How many persons does your jet seat?

Our King Air offers 6 seats: 5 regular seats and one toilet seat.

Is catering included in the price?

We offer a variety of snacks and an open bar on flights up to 50 minutes of planned flight time. On longer flights we offer standard catering consisting of a ham and cheese platter, bread, canapes, desserts and an open bar. In case of any catering preferences, we are ready to arrange special catering (additional costs may apply).

What kind of beverages do you offer?

We offer Evian water, iced tea, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Red Bull, red and white wine, beer, champagne, whiskey, vodka, gin, cognac, Baileys.

Is the Italian Luxury Tax included in the price?

Yes, the ILT is included in our price.

Is F/A included in your price?

No, it isn’t.

Is owner approval required?

No, OA is not required.

Is it possible transport animals?

Yes, but it is limited by the number and weight of animals. The maximum weight of one animal is 6 kg. The number of animals is determined on an individual basis.

How many pieces of luggage can we take?

Each passenger can take 1 standard cabin size luggage (up to 15 kg) and hand luggage.