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The company was founded in late 2015 for the purpose of operating private flights for its owners within the region of Europe with one privately owned Beechjet 400A.

It soon became clear that the “hunger” for this type of an aircraft on current aviation market is more than huge, so JetBee has decided to extend their fleet with another Beechjet 400A. Incidentally, JetBee managed to purchase this aircraft together with a company based in Zurich, Switzerland and at that point JetBee didn’t only gain another aircraft to its fleet, but also gained a new sister company, “JetBee Swiss,” with this purchase.

In the middle of 2016, this new “JetBee Team” decided to expand a little bit more and decided to purchase another company together with the aircraft. Thanks to this purchase, “JetBee Team” not only grew by another territory (Czech Republic) but also gained a new type of aircraft to its fleet, “King Air C90,” and also received a full commercial air operator certificate (AOC) in Czech Republic.

When the “JetBee Team” with bases in Bratislava – Slovakia, Zurich – Switzerland and Prague – Czech Republic grew, it was obvious that the number of people looking after these operations would grow rapidly too.

Currently JetBee Team employs

professional pilots
(from 4 countries)

specialized technicians

aviation experts
(flight planners, managers, economists and IT specialists)

In the year 2017, the companies needed to become fully self-sustained with no need to outsource any operational activities from anybody else. Decision was made to establish our own dispatch and flight planning department, to build up our own maintenance facility and gain all necessary approvals to be able to maintain our own fleet with the highest standards required by company policy.

At the end of the year 2017, JetBee was contacted to make a purchase of yet another Beechjet 400A. This aircraft was purchased with the intention of being operated under the license of JetBee.

Currently, the JetBee Team operates 2 Beechjets 400A with registrations OK-BEE and OK-BII out of base in Prague – Czech Republic.


Our airplanes feature a sufficient range of 3 135 km, making your flight as comfortable as it can get. Moscow, Cairo, Tunis, Lisbon, Paris and plenty of other cities are all within reach with our aircraft. Alongside our primary airport in Prague (CZ) you are more than welcome to pick any European airport of departure. The choice is up to you!